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When we meet that special someone and "fall in love" we hope that our relationship will continually grow especially since we connect in so many wonderful ways.  Gradually as we begin to experience changes in our preferences, attitudes and personalities, we may wonder why these differences which seemed to draw us together are now creating conflict in our relationship.  Rather than perceiving these differences as cause for alarm, they may be an invitation to grow & expand our personalities and help to define our true selves.

Couples are invited to envision the type of relationship they desire and the personal changes that each wants to make to become the partner that they aspire to be.  The common misconception about marriage counseling that many people operate from is to describe in painstaking detail the changes their partner needs to make.  Instead a proactive approach is to focus on the effective behaviors that each is willing to make in her/himself.  After all, whose behavior can we control?  Awaiting changes in someone else leaves us in a very powerless position.

The initial session is used to gather information from each partner including concerns about their   relationship as well as what each would like to accomplish.  The second sessions will be individual appointments to gain rapport as well as a time for each partner to share their perspective of the relationship and his/her personal challenges to making their marriage work.  During the third session Mr. Nagel will share with both partners their individual personality profiles contrasting their similarities and differences which may challenge the couple to grow in ways that would enhance their relationship.  Peter will teach the couple skills necessary to create the kind of relationship that includes effective communication, development of essential abilities to manage conflict and rebuilding their friendship for a long lasting commitment to meet each other's needs for attachment as well as differentiation.

Peter is licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) in North Carolina as well as a Clinical Fellow and an Approved Supervisor of the American Association for Marriage  and Family Therapy (AAMFT).  He is also a Clinical Member of the NC Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (NCAMFT). 

For more information about Marriage & Family Therapy follow this link to
AAMFT.  For interesting information about relationships follow this link to making marriage work 

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