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People will often express through their body what their issues are long before they are aware of it on the conscious level.  Past trauma may also be seen in body movements or positioning by a keen observer.  Reading what is communicated by the body offers a tremendous shortcut in the therapeutic process.  Specific areas of focus include: breath, movement, voice, posture, attitude, tension, feeling, and energy flow.  The mind-body connection is emphasized in body-based psychotherapy to provide an integrative approach to personal growth. The basic foundation of body-based psychotherapy integrates Redecision Therapy, Family Systems theories and Psychomotor Therapy.

Created in 1961 by Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden-Pesso, Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) is the most advanced therapeutic system available for emotional re-education or reprogramming. PBSP heals past emotional deficits using unique processes called ‘Structures’ and ‘Microtracking™’ that help clients to identify emotional deficits and create ‘new memories’. These ‘new memories’ provide symbolic fulfillment of the basic developmental needs of place, nurture, support, protection and limits. 

With the inclusion of ‘Holes and Roles,’ the latest innovation in PBSP theory and technique, therapists learn how to provide a highly effective and streamlined approach to reducing resistance, negative transference, and somatic overload.  Many aspects of PBSP theories and techniques have close parallels in recent neuroscience findings about mirror neurons, empathy, morality, and the impact of language on the theory of mind.   For more information, follow this link to PBSP.
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