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Redecision Therapy

Bob and Mary Goulding developed Redecision Therapy after years of studying Transactional Analysis with Eric Berne.  They wanted an efficient method of resolving the client’s issues by focusing exclusively on the presenting concern.   They combined Gestalt Therapy with their knowledge of Transactional Analysis and Family Systems to form this effective method of cooperative change.  

 The components of the Redecision Therapy process include: (1) emphasis on personal responsibility & power, (2) fostering a nurturing    environment, (3) therapist’s modeling behavior, (4) separating myth from reality,  (5) confrontation of incongruity, (6) particular techniques, and  (7) procedural rules.  

Most clients average six to eighteen months with consistent appointments and usually become aware of healing changes  after attending several sessions. 

Since 1991, Peter has received more than six years of training & supervision in Redecision Therapy from Vann Joines, PhD at Southeast Institute (SEI) for Group & Family Therapy.  For more information about Redecision Therapy follow this link to SEI



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