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Our unique personality is formed by the time we are 6 years old and is influenced by genetic predisposition and interaction with our environment & family. Peter has studied Personality Adaptation theory with Vann Joines, PhD since 1991. According to Dr. Joines' theory, we have the possibility of having six adaptations that have developed as our way of adapting to our caregivers. We continue to adapt in these similar ways to others depending upon the situation. The six adaptations are: Creative-Daydreamer, Brilliant-Skeptic, Charming-Manipulator, Playful-Resister, Responsible-Workaholic and Enthusiastic-Overreactor. Knowing our own and other's combinations of adaptations is helpful to understanding ourselves and others. To take an online version of the Joines Personality Adaptation Questionnaire (JPAQ) scroll down to the "buy now" button on the page at this link to Southeast Institute .

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